Feature Film | 2015 | Thriller Fantasy | 1h 30 min

English Title: Vulcania
Writer: José Skaf, Diego Soto
Starring: Aura Garrido, Rubén Ochandiano, José Sacristán, Jaime Olías, Silvia Abril, Ana Wagener, Miquel Fernández, Francesc Pagès, Ginés García Millán, Andrés Herrera, Borja Espinosa, Andreu Castro, Joan Carles Suau, Ignasi Vidal, Anna Gonzalvo
Music: Arnau Bataller
Produced by: Co-production Spain-Sweden-France; Zentropa International Sweden / Ran Entertainment / Ad hoc studios / Film I Väst / Televisión Española (TVE) / Televisión de Galicia (TVG) / Zentropa International Spain
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Synopsis: Vulcania is a small isolated community led by an enigmatic leader where nothing is quite what it seems.

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ABOUT THE MUSIC: The score features electronic textures with some string orchestra, guitars, and eery solo violin creating disturbing, unreal, and enveloping sonorities that emphasize the audience’s desire to know what’s happening to the characters.

“Elaborate creation in which the composer immerses himself in the character to show him in his despair and desolation, but also in his determination and contained fury. He does so by recreating a hostile environment around him where the sounds of the factory are integrated into the music to generate an atmosphere of pressure and suffocation, with dissonances that are and seek to cause discomfort, rejection, overwhelm. This music is answered by another dramatic and lyrical character, which, being an apparently weak and affecting melody, ends up having a considerable power of liberation, which leads the character and the audience to the exit of that Hell” MundoBSO

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE: The orchestra was conducted by David Hernando, recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, and mixed by Marc Blanes at BSO Superestudio, Barcelona.