TV SERIES  | 2018 | Romance, Thriller | 6 episodes

Director: Cesc Gay
Writer: Cesc Gay, Tomàs Aragay
Starring: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Pere Arquillué, Ginés García Millán
Music: Arnau Bataller
Produced by: Movistar+, Fran Araújo , Domingo Corral, Marta Esteban
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Where to watch: Movistar+
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Synopsis: Félix, an ordinary man with a quiet life, encounters Julia, a woman from Asian origin he hardly knows anything about, but with whom he falls in love.

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ABOUT THE MUSIC: The score features atypical and eclectic melodies played with pianos, vintage keyboards, guitars, contrabass, percussion, and synths. A small and innocent score for a different type of thriller and a unique main character!

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE: All the music was programmed, played and mixed by Arnau Bataller.