La Hermandad

Feature Film | 2013 | Thriller Horror | 1h 29min

English Title: The Brotherhood
: Julio Martí Zahonero
Writer: Julio Martí Zahonero
Starring: Lydia Bosch, Manuel Tallafé, Alejandro Jornet, Borja Elgea, Tony Isbert, José Luis de Madariaga, José S. Isbert, José María Sacristán, Joan Vidal, Paula Bares
Music: Arnau Bataller
Produced by: Green Star Films / IVAC
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: Sara is a popular novelist who, after suffering an accident, goes to convalesce in a remote monastery, inhabited by an ancient brotherhood of Benedictine monks. While Sara is recovering in bed, she begins to feel curious about strange goings-on.


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ABOUT THE MUSIC: La Hermandad combines dark orchestral textures with a more thematic approach characterized by the evocative choral writing inspired by the story’s religious settiMoviemusikng. Bataller engages in some more textural, dissonant writing in cues like “First Departure”, “Investigations” which are quite creepy, especially with regard to the eerie string textures, the chaotic orchestral explosions of sound, and the disorienting glassy electronic noises. This is counterbalanced by some lighter writing featuring harps, chimes, and gongs in cues like “I Have Heard Children”, more lyrical melodies for piano in “There Are Children”, and a sublime cello and woodwind duet in “My Daughter” MoviemusicUK

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE: The music was recorded by the Liceu Orchestra, Barcelona’s Opera House, and mixed by Marc Blanes at BSO Superestudio, Barcelona.