Gente que viene y Bah

Feature Film  | 2019 | Romantic comedy | 1h 37m

English Title: In Family We Trust
Director: Patricia Font
Writer: Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero (Novel: Laura Norton)
Starring: Clara Lago, Álex García, Alexandra Jiménez, Paula Malia, Fernando Guallar, Carlos Cuevas, Carmen Maura, Eduardo Ferrés, Nuria Gago, Marta Belmonte, Ferran Vilajosana, Jorge Leon Martinez, Sergio Donado, Joaquín Gómez, Eva Ugarte, Lluís Altés, Julio Alonso, Víctor Vidal, Xavier Capdet
Music: Arnau Bataller
Produced by: Zeta Cinema, Atresmedia Cine
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Synopsis: After discovering her boyfriend’s unfaithfulness with a famous TV reporter, a woman returns to live with her family to find herself.

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ABOUT THE MUSIC: “A brilliant main theme is the backbone of the music and the guide of the narration and emotion throughout the film. It is a friendly, warm, close, and very empathetic (and sympathetic) melody that ends up being shared by all the characters and which expands optimism. Along with this theme, others in a similar line for specific circumstances, comedy, and specific nuances of characters. As a whole, the composer manages to establish a continuum Musical and narrative of elegant development that evolves towards a very beautiful final conclusion” MundoBSO

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE: The music was conducted by Rubén Gimeno, recorded with the Kreo Music Orchestra, and mixed by Marc Blanes at BSO Superestudio, Barcelona.