” His talents clearly deserve significant success. Nonetheless, Arnau Bataller is surely in line for great things and is one to watch for the future. In LA HERENCIA VALDEMAR II, BATALLER has produced a score that any of the great Hollywood composers of today and yesteryear would be proud to call their own.”


 “La Herencia Valdemar is fantastic, a huge, bold, orchestral and choral tour-de-force of epic proportions, which celebrates the Gothic horror genre in a way not heard since Christopher Young was…”


Jonathan Broxton

“Wonderfully written, impeccably orchestrated and arranged and performed with precision, enthusiasm and heart. This is one of the most haunting and entertaining film scores to be released so far this year. Composer Arnau Bataller has produced a commanding and powerful work that contains not only dramatic and imposing themes that support and elevate this Spanish produced thinking mans tale of horror, but he has also woven together some of the most emotive and attractive thematic material that I have heard in a while”

John Mansell

«The Brotherhood is a proper thriller score, one of the true better examples of great scores in the genre.»


«Arnau connects immediately with the audience, and he knows how to maintain tension without monotony or repetition. He writes a music of textures with multiple layers, with a melodic sense that catches you and puts the viewer in a very well defined space.  Serving the director, his music does not fear of complex orchestrations»

Alex Gorina

El Temps

«I have to admit that Arnau Bataller’s score for The Brotherhood caught me completely off guard. I was expecting yet another collection of cliched atmospheric tracks that usually accompany horror movie scores»

Darren Rea